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About us:

Our involvement with Papillons started in 1995 when we temporarily took in Perla, a female Papillon, for a friend. Perla was so nice and got along so well with our Yorkshire Terriers and German Sheppard. Our Yorkies had a constant issue of getting along with each other. The Papillon, with its easy going temperment just got along with all of them. We just fell in love with Papillons and started researching the breed.

The following year we had the chance to acquire two imported Papillons and thAlla & Georgeeir two year old daughter. We jumped at the chance and here we are now!

We started off in Iceland where we had lived for more than nineteen years together. Alla is Icelandic and  George is American. We then had the opportunity to take a one year work/vacation experience in Hawaii. It was a move from one island to another, but what a difference! There was a four month quarantine in Hawaii at the time for imported dogs so we decided to leave our dogs with our son and his family to be looked after.

In October of 2001 we moved to Germany where George was offered a long term contract at Ramstein AFB. The dogs came from Iceland to Germany in January 2002 after we had a suitable house that we were renting. Shortly after we purchased a small villa with 3000 square meters of property for the dogs to run over. It is located on the outskirt of a small town named Shopp in Rhineland-Pfalz. We live perfectly centered for dog showing over most of central Europe.
We regularly show in France, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland as well as Germany. We have also traveled to Denmark, Sweden and Portugal to show our dogs and handled dogs.

We hope you enjoy our Papillons and this website.

Alla & George Jenkins