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News 2010:

Posted on 30 Jun 2010 by topasar
Today in CAC Velika Gorica in Croatia, Ch. Kingshaven Xanta went BOB with CAC! The judge was Ms. Jadranka Smojver Selimovic from Croatia. Xanta is being expertly handled by Maja Korošec.

Posted on 30 Jun 2010 by topasar
Today our Mango added another National Champion to his list of titles, Estonian Champion! Mango went BOB with CAC & CACIB, got the title Estonian Winner 2010 and is now a Estonian Champion and later went BOG-2. He is now Swedish Norwegian, Finnish, Bulgarian, Latvian and Estonian Champion. He is being handled by his breeder Kaj Gänger of Caratoots, well done Kaj!!! The judge for the Breed was Mr Joey Lim, Australia and for the Group Lisbeth Mach from Switzerland.
Posted on 31 May 2010 by topasar
At the International show in Giessen our special Kid, Lux. JrCh Topasar Principal Kid went BOB again out of Junior class. He has now finished his requirements for German Junior Champion. Ch. Framboise de Costalina got the CAC out of Ch class and got the Res.CACIB. The judge was Angela Starke.
Posted on 31 May 2010 by topasar
Day 1.
May 23. was the CACIB show in Saarbrucken. We were quite pleased with the over all result, Topasar Obsession got Jr.CAC and became a Jr. Saarlandsieger. Topasar Principal Kid was shown and got 2. place this time. Framboise de Costalina got the Res.CACIB! The judge was Peter Machetanz.

Day 2.
May 24. was a National show in Saarbrucken and today we did really well with the two Juniors we were showing.Topasar Principal Kid got Jr.CAC and was later chosen BOB! He has now two Jr.CAC's in Germany.Topasar Obsession showed her self really well and was placed 1. in Jr class. Judge was E. Dutscher.

Posted on 31 May 2010 by topasar
We had quite an eventful day at our club show on the 22. in Knittelsheim this year, last year our Mango was chosen as BIS Junior.. this year our Oprah, Topasar Out'N About was BIS Junior. Our Topasar Principal Kid got Jr.CAC, judge was Tanja Engel. The weather turned out to be just beautiful after the cold we have had so far. This is a VK club show for all the breed that are registered in our club, it is held in a very nice location in the middle of nowhere with calm and quiet atmosphere.

Posted on 31 May 2010 by topasar
Topasar Knick-Knack would have turned 5 years old in July this year but he was mauled by a big dog in a public dog park. Keli was born July 7. 2005 and died on May 12. 2010. Rest in peace Keli minn!

Posted on 31 May 2010 by topasar
Puppies are here! HeyItsMe de Costalina "Gucci" has delivered two healthy and strong puppies a male and a female, both are white/sable. Topasar Principal Kid is the proud father. You can see pictures of them on the link Puppies.
Posted on 31 May 2010 by topasar
This year is amazing for us, CH Kingshaven Xanta is still in Slovenia and attended a National show in Barje, Xanta was BOB with CAC and later was BOG-2, the judge was Miro Zlojutro from Slovenia.<br />Congratulations Maja and Darko, Xanta is really showing off for you guys
Posted on 31 May 2010 by topasar
Day 1.
It is said that Sofia Bulgaria is a magical place. There you can meet your love, learn to feel the life and do what you want to do. Mango "CH Caratoot's Cool Contender" did just that. Well we don't know about meeting his love but he did what he wanted and we wanted by going BOB with CAC & CACIB, BOG and then BEST IN SHOW!The show today was the first of a four show days in Sofia at the Balkan Int. Championship Shows. Thank you Kaj and CONGRATULATIONS for this wonderful accomplishment. The judge who judges the breed was Mrs. Elena Erusalimskaya from Russia. She also judged the group and then the Best In Show was judged by Mr. Evgeniy Erusalimskiy also from Russia.

Day 2.
Today Mango had another show day in Sofia, Bulgaria and was BOB with CAC & CACIB. In the group he did well again, BOG2! Mango is now a Bulgarian Champion on top of his Swedish, Norwegian and Latvian CH titles. Judge today was Denis Kuzelj from Slovenia.

Day 3.
Today Mango was BOS, his litter sister Pepsie was BOB. Mango still got his CAC and CACIB so we are very happy
The judge today was Mrs. Zlatina Davidovska from Bulgaria.

Day 4.
oday in Sofia Mango was BOB with CAC & CACIB, the judge was Miguel Martines from Argentina. Mango will not stay for the group today as they have to start traveling back to Sweden before group starts.<br /><br />Mango has done amazingly well and I'm so proud of my boy. This week only he is taking home 4X CAC's, 4X CACIB's, Bulgarian Champion, 3X BOB's, 1X BOS, BOG-2, BOG & BIS! So what do dogs do after all that.. Mango rests

Posted on 31 May 2010 by topasar
At the Brabo Show in Antwerp, "Liva" Topasar Obsession was BOB Junior. The judge was Ferdi Dickman from Germany.
Posted on 30 May 2010 by topasar
Day 1.
Mango is at a show in Finland and just took BOS with CAC! This makes Mango a Finish Champion on top of Swedis, Norvegian, Latvian and Bulgarian Champion titles. The breed judge was Marie Petersen from Denmark and she made his littersister Pepsie BOB, we wish her best luck in the group that will be judged by Arne Foss.

Day 2.
Today at the show in Helsinki Finland, the judge picked Mango as BOB. Unfortunately he will not stay for the group as they have to travel back to Sweden. The judge today was Britta Roos-Börjesson from Sweden.
Posted on 30 Apr 2010 by topasar
Our CH Caratoot's Cool Contender "Mango" is still doing good in Sweden, at the show in Västerås. Mango was Best Male 2 and only beaten by his father Henrik Johansson judged the Papillons.

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